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 In April last year the vice chair of the Nafferton Parish council went down to the sluice gate with another council member, to clear the sluice because someone had complained the water level was getting to high.
 This problem was caused by lack of maintenance of the sluice, and no one going to clear the rubbish.
 we had a very wet winter, so water going into the mere was far more than normal, and with no one clearing the rubbish from the sluice, the water got slowly higher over the winter months.
So these two council members decided that the easiest option for them, was to take off the meshing from the sluice, and let all the rubbish that had collected over the months, to go down the sluice.
Only problem with this is that all our ducklings go down the sluice along with any rubbish. There is a big old wheel further down after the sluice gate, the water flows fast, and the ducklings get pulverised by the wheel.
These two council members  knew this, and posted this on our local Nafferton Facebook group, which proves they knew about the ducklings going down, and just didn't care.  
 Photo shot of the post put on.