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Safe, unique, handmade bird toys

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Foot toys for the smaller parrot
quaker/Greencheek and similar sized birds.
Most foot toys are to big for these little guys so here we have a page of  foot toys
 just for them!!
All toys are small and easy to handle.
Birds love a toy box.
 For your toy box you can use a spare Food Cup that affixes to the side of the cage 
 fill the toy box with small foot toys, and toy parts.
 Pine blocks, acrylic shapes, small strands of bird safe vegetable tanned leather and paper rope, threaded through blocks adds interest to a block,
 Remember to use the right size toy part for your bird.
Click here to see pepe with his foot toy bowl


Busy feet pacifier

This is a tiny foot toy suitable for the smaller parrots up to senegal sized parrots



Great foot toy for the smaller parrot.

The ring in the middle moves about

colours vary 

price £1.45           Item no....SF05






Smaller pacifier

suitable for Greencheek conure/ Quaker/ and similar sized birds





This toy has the same jungle talk ring and square, but has a smaller acrylic bead, and is fastened together with paper rope.

Price £1

Item no...TF11




Foot toy starter pack

Suitable for Greencheek conure/Quaker parrot /and similar sized birds 




An assortment of toys for your birds toy box


2 skinny bagel bars

2 bitty bagels

2 bigger bitty bagels

4 paper stick

2 foraging blocks

2 forest tweets

4 pine slices

2 acrylic shapes

                                                    2 jungle talk plastic shapes

                                         Price £4.60

                                                                                                                  Item no TF04



Twiddle disc

suitable for quaker/greencheek up to senegal sized parrots



 Zoo-Max acrylic shape, with food grade paper rope knotted on.

Birds love paper and they love these acrylic shapes, so this is a must have foot toy for your bird.

it's sure to be a hit!!

Includes  one meter of paper rope, so you can refill the toy.


Price £1.50    

    Item no....TF02






Pack of two foot toys

suitable for Greencheek Conure/Quaker/Love bird and similar sized birds




Toy one is a Skinny bagel bar with a bitty bagel in the middle.

Toy two is thick paper rope with zoo-Max tube bead and acrylics in the middle, which move up and down the rope.

Pack of two Price £1.80

                         Item no...TF05





Leather twist

suitable for Greencheek conure/quaker and similar sized birds





Leather twist, with a Jungle talk shape in the middle



Price £1.20

                         Item no TF06




Tiny Totty

         suitable for green cheek/Quaker/and similar sized birds            




Jungle talk circle with a chunky acrylic pony bead attached with paper rope.


Price 70p 

Item no......TF13







suitable for green cheek/Quaker/and similar sized birds     



Two acrylic outer beads, and a small wooden bead in the centre, with a Jungle talk ring in the middle.

The ring moves about the toy.


Price 70p

Item no....TF14








suitable for greencheek/Quaker/and similar sized birds




Small natural wooden reel, with 2 natural wooden discs on each end, and a Jungle talk square in the middle. The square moves around as the toy is played with.

 All pieces are held together with 3 ply paper rope.

Price £1

                             Item no....TF09





Dinky dumbbell

Suitable for Greencheek/Love bird/ and similar sized birds 





Small dinky dumbell with acrylic square bead in the middle

                                                                               Price 75p              Item no..............TF12




Acrylic Diddy Man

Suitable for Green cheek conure/Quaker/up to small parrots



Acrylic shapes and paper rope

A nice long lasting toy.

Birds love the acrylic shapes, and even when the paper rope has been destroyed, the acrylics will still be of interest to your bird.




Price £1.50

                          Item no...SF41









Mini pine slices

suitable for Quaker / Greencheek conure /up to small parrots



Thin square pine slices for the smaller bird.

Ideal toy box filler


Pack of 10

Price £1.10   

                              Item no ....TF08







Mini skinny bagel bars

suitable for Quaker / Love bird/Greencheek conure and similar sized birds





Mini skinny bagel slices, with food grade paper rope knotted on each end.

a great chew toy!!


Pack of 4 bars price £1.80

                          Item no ....TF01







Daisy May foot toy

suitable for quaker/lovebird/greencheek conure



Zoo-Max Acrylic centre piece, with 2 small zoo-Max wooden beads,

 threaded on 9ply paper rope.

Price 90p

                               Item no.........TF07






Roller foot toy

suitable for Greencheek Conure/Quaker/Lovebird/ and similar sized birds



Small zoo-Max wooden bead with 2 small natural wooden discs, all held together with 3ply paper rope.




Price 75p

              Item no...TF10








Bitty bagels
suitable for all the small guys



Small cardboard rings which are a great addition to any toy box. They  make ideal foot toys for smallest parrots
hole size 3/4"
packet of 12                        
Price £2.99
                                                                           Item no....BT28


Also .... Bigger!!  bitty bagels

suitable for all the small guys





For the parrots that get through the bitty bagels at a fast pace,

these hand cut  bitty bagels are bigger in size, they will last longer, and they are less in price than the bitty bagels.


Pack of 12,  mixed  width's

All bigger than the bitty bagels,

price £2.75

                                                    Item no ......BT29



Try putting on perches for your bird to remove, or pop some in your birds toy box dish, they make great foot toys.

And of course they are a good item to add to hanging toys. 




Parrot mini bangles
suitable for small to medium parrots
Pack 12 mixed size and colours
These bangles have a slightly larger hole than the bigger bitty bagels.
Great item for the toy box for all the little guys
Pack of 12  
Great value!! Price £2.40
                                          Item no.......SF55


brown paper sticks  small  size

  suitable for Quaker/Greencheek conure up to Small parrot 






These paper sticks are not craft sticks they are food grade paper sticks

bought direct from the manufacturer, so I know just what they are made from.

Food grade paper, no glue, no bleach.

They are 6mm thick and make fantastic!!  foot toys

size 9cm long 6mm thick


Pack of 10  price £1                        Item no ....SF36 


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