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Are the toys in your bird’s cage safe??

Be aware!!There are no laws to protect our birds.

 No rules or regulations at all! on pet products.



   Manufacturers do not have to use safe items in their toys; and they do not have to supply product data sheets to the wholesaler's that buy them.

 Therefore no one really knows what chemicals are in parrot toys.

They can use whatever they want. They are not liable if your bird dies from one of their toys


 Many manufacturers are eager to make a quick profit off loving pet owners, and have ZERO practical knowledge of what it takes to keep your bird safe and healthy.

90% of toys on the market are unsafe. YES 90%.  so it's more than likely you have unsafe toys that could harm your bird, hanging in your bird’s cage.

 Just because you're buying your toys from a reputable  pet retailer does not mean they are safe for your bird

When pet shops are buying bird toys to sell, they're thinking... "Will I profit?"... And "Does this toy look attractive enough to sell?" Not, is this safe!!

 Stores that carry a wide range of pet supplies don't have the time or energy to research the safety and quality of every product they carry.

Parrots are highly sensitive creatures, with a mile long list of "common" toxins and chemicals they can't be exposed to without risking their lives! Pet shops and most manufacturers of toys, do not have a comprehensive understanding of what's poisonous, or dangerous for your bird.

 Many manufacturers of parrot toys  use any items that are cheap and  accessible to them.  The items they use are simply not made for birds, and  are dangerous and toxic.

When it comes to toxins in the items they use, they really don’t have any idea at all. Many manufacturers of bird toys want a poke between the eyes. It's a disgrace that they are making money, out of products that kill, and injure our precious birds.


Awareness is needed. Most people have no idea that the toys they are buying are unsafe for their birds, and most certainly wouldn't buy these toys if they knew the hidden dangers.

Lots of retailers state that their toys are safe, but in reality, they  have no idea if they are safe or not. Without a product data sheet, and proof that they are safe, they are actually breaking the law by saying they are safe.

The only protection we have is that no one is allowed to deceive us with lies. So by saying a toy is safe, then they should have product data, to prove it's safe.


If a manufacturer has taken the time to seek out safe items to use on their toys, and to use zinc free hardware, no PVC etc... It will have a label on the toy, and it will say it on the label.

By law they are not allowed to say zinc free etc... if it isn't.



 A good example of unsuitable toxic items used in bird toys, is this toy made of playing cards.

 It beggars belief that playing cards are being used to make a bird toy, and just shows how inexperienced these manufacturers are.

Highly Toxic chemicals are used in the coating of playing cards, and the inks used are strong toxic inks. Playing cards are not an item to give a bird to play with, unless you want to kill it.


Another example of unsuitable toxic items used for parrot toys is the sneaker foot toy.

This item is sold as a parrot foot toy?? This sneaker was made as a key ring; it is no way suitable for a parrot. If you look at the green sneaker, you can see where the key chain hole is. All the manufacturer of this parrot toy has done, is buy in a stock of these sneaker key rings, and taken off the chain. It's now a parrot toy!! And its double the price

Picture here is of the sneakers with the key chains attached.


There are many different designs of these key rings, and you can purchase them for £1.50 on eBay, and just £1 at the £1 shop. Thats a lot cheaper than the price of £2.99 for the same item, but with the name change of "parrot foot toy".   The sneakers are made from synthetic leather, and rubber, which has some very nasty chemicals in. they even have small rings of metal on the eyelets for the laces, which could choke a bird. These eyelets are more than likely to be zinc coated, which can poison your bird. These sneakers are not an item to give your bird. Unless you want to kill it.

And look what we have here

It's a  flip flop parrot foot toy??.

Just as with the sneaker foot toy, this was also made as a key ring. There is a hole in the heel which is where the key ring chain  has been removed.  They were NOT !!manufactured for parrots and they also have small sharp metal parts, that hold the strap on.

It's very soft plastic, and if chewed and swallowed by a bird, it can compact in the crop and can kill your bird. and if that doesn't kill your  bird, then maybe the  sharp metal parts will.


 Here is a picture of the flip flop as a key ring. They sell for as little as £1 -£1.50. but by taking off the chain, and calling it a parrot toy, they have doubled the price, and are priced at £2.99.

If you see this toy for sale don’t buy it!! And complain to the store that is selling it.



Another good example of unsuitable toxic items used in bird toys, is this toy made of playing cards, foam, and a soft PVC plastic duck.

All 3 items are dangerous for a bird!! This toy is just a bunch of extremely toxic chemicals. It astonishes me that anyone with so little knowledge on birds can be making bird toys. If you see this toy for sale don’t buy it!! And complain to the store that is selling it. 


There are many more items on parrot toys, that  were not made for  birds, and should not be given to a bird.  



    Designs of toys:   the design of a toy is made to catch your eye, and not to withstand a bird’s play.

 Entanglement, strangulation, trapped feet, a head get stuck in holes, choking on small loose parts,  are all dangers manufacturers just don’t think about.

That toy you bought with love could kill your bird quickly, by anyone of the hazards mentioned above. Or it could be killing your bird slowly, because of exposure to toxins in the materials used.



PVC:  this plastic is used in lots of parrot toys because it cheap, and this is the most toxic plastic made. Any item made from PVC releases toxins throughout its life span, from wear and tear.

 So PVC parts in  parrot toys will most certainly  release toxins when chewed and attacked by a bird.

 The most toxic  chemicals are used in PVC and this includes lead.


Zinc: This is highly toxic to birds. It does kill. I have tested loads of metal in toys, and lots of parrot toys are made with metal containing zinc. The ones that didn’t contain zinc, had lables on to say zinc free. So beware of all that nice shiny metal on parrot toys, a great deal of it, is zinc coated.



   Silly bell’s hanging from toys are the first sign of a bad toy

All the  bells I tested had zinc present, so they are toxic.

Another item that was not manufactured for birds.

The  bell on the left  poses a choking hazard because birds can get the clappers out, and they can also get their beaks stuck in the inside of the bells. Not to mention the open o links that hold the bell on the toy. The bell on the right with the little slits in, can trap your birds toes, and beak.

I bought a toy for my very first bird 19 years ago. It had one of these bells on it. After 30 mins of being in the cage, I heard my Gizmo making an awful noise, and rushed to her cage. She had got her toe stuck in the bell, and was hanging from the toy upside down. She had her other leg holding onto the cage bars, so she was lucky her full weight was not hanging from her toe.

I had to hold Gizmo, and undo the toy, then get her free from the bell.

If I hadn't been in at the time, I know she would not have been able to free herself, and would have died a horrible death.

This shocked me to the core, and made me  take a closer look at all the  toys on the shelves. This shocked me more.

I still have Gizmo, and she is now 19 years old.


So remember : if a toy has one of the above  bells  on it, you now know it’s made by a manufacturer that has zero knowledge on birds, and the rest of the toy is going to be as dangerous as the bell. don’t buy it!! And complain to the store that is selling it.



Another sign of a bad toy is these clips

 Some parrot toys have these clips on them. This is yet another item that was not made for birds. they are manufactured for key ring chains, and handbag clips.

They are zinc coated, and it is well known that birds get stuck in them. manufacturers put them on toys because they are cheap. If you see this clip on a toy, you know the manufacturer has zero knowledge on birds, and the rest of the toy will be as dangerous as the clip. Dont buy it!! And complain to the store that is selling it.


Open links


Another sign of a bad toy is open 0 rings like in the picture here.

This is another item not made for birds, and usually contain zinc. They are made for handbags, keys rings, and many other items, but should not be used for birds toys.

There is a vast amount of toys on the market that use these rings.

 If 0 rings and chain links are not soldered together then birds can get their beaks in, and end up stuck in the the toy.

Check your toys!! If you can pull the links apart, then so can your bird.

If a toy has got 0 rings or chain links that can be prised open, then the manufacturer of that toy has zero knowledge on birds, and the rest of the toy will be as dangerous as the open o rings/links.

Don't buy it, And complain to the store that is selling it. 



This fastener pictured here, that is holding the dice, is another sign of a bad toy. Again a vast amount of toys have these fasteners. Birds can pull them open and get their beaks stuck, and they can damaged their beaks trying to free themselves.

If a toy has got this kind of fastner holding parts on the toy, then the manufacturer of this toy has zero knowledge on birds, and the rest of the toy will be as dangerous as these links.

Dont buy it, And complain to the store that is selling it.


Another link often used on parrot toys pictured here.


 These again are manufactured for handbags key chains etc... but not for birds. They shouldn't be on bird toys. Birds can get stuck in them, and they are usually zinc coated.

if you see these on a toy

Dont buy it, And complain to the store that is selling it.



Felt is often used in parrot toys.

Felt is not a product to give your bird.

  IJt is not a woven fabric it can be pulled apart by a bird, and bits swallowed which can cause serious health problems.


There are many different types of felt.


Synthetic felt is made from the following....Polyester, Polypropylean, Teflon, Nomex, Rayon, and Kev fibres.


A nice combination of toxic chemicals to kill your bird!!.

I asked the manufacturer of the toy pictured left, what kind of felt it was made from.

They said it was polyester felt.




 Cat balls



Another item that was not made for birds, and should not be given to birds.

This toy is made for Budgies and cockatiels

 It's a death trap!! Small birds can get their toes stuck in the slits in the balls, and  the plastic is thin and brittle, so can snap and leave sharp edges.

I do know someone who lost her budgie due to it eating some of the plastic from one of these cat balls.

They have also put a zinc coated handbag clip (mentioned above) on the top of the toy??


If you see this toy, dont buy it, and complain to the store that is selling it.


Acrylic toy parts





Beware of acrylic items on toys, and also acrylic items sold as toy parts.

Many of these items are just charms and were not made for birds.

Manufacturers again, just buy these items because they are easy to purchase and look good on toys.

These charms will not withstand a bird's beak, and can be a danger to your bird.

The items pictured above are common items used in bird toys.

 The handles are too thin for a birds beak.

 They snap and leave a sharp edge which can cut your bird.

I have a customer who gave her bird one of these toys as a foot toy, and her bird snapped the handle and got his beak stuck in it.

The item was well stuck on her bird's beak, and didn't come of easy.

 If this had been hung on a toy, her bird would have been stuck to the toy.

When birds get stuck in a toy, they panic, and usually end up hurting them selves  trying to escape. Some die trying!!

If you see the above items on a parrot toy, dont buy it, and complain to the store that is selling it.

Keep an eye out for the many differant acrylic items on toys. If they are too thin, they are not safe for your bird.



Cotton rope toys!!



Deadly!! I would never give any of my birds cotton rope.


 The  toy and cotton rope perch pictured left were sent to me by Vicky.

They were the toys in her  cockatiels cage, and they were responsible for the death of this poor bird.



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more to follow so please call back.

It could save your birds life.


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