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Safe, unique, handmade bird toys

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safe foot toys
                         for medium parrots
African grey/Amazon/ and similar sized birds




 Busy feet foot toy's

A tough plastic foot toy range that will provide your bird with hours of play



  busy feet

peggy foot toy





A bar with 2 balls on each end, and a ring in the middle that moves

 up and down the toy


There is no glue on this toy. With use, the balls on the end do sometimes loosen, this just adds to the fun for your bird, all parts are safe, and you can push the balls back on to the bar, and even add a few bitty bagels on for more fun.

Colours vary


                 Price £2.50

                                       Item no.....MF02                             

    Busy feet
 Jenny foot toy
 Suitable for medium parrots/ African grey or similar sized parrots




Jungle Talk plastic ring, with 2 Zoo-Max acrylic shapes fastened on with 9 ply paper rope.


Your bird will love the moving parts, and will want to remove them.

After your bird has managed to take it apart, just make it up again, and again, with the 1 meter of paper rope supplied with the toy



                                                                   Price £3

                                                             which includes 1 meter of 9 ply paper rope.

                                                                                                                                                                 Item no.....  MF04




                      Busy feet Harry foot toy
                    suitable for small to medium parrots  










 Jungle talk plastic bar with 2 jungle talk shapes that move up and down the toy.

The balls on the ends are hardwood balls and are fixed on tight.

Be assured no glue is used in any of my toys.


                                         Price £2.75

                                                                         Item no....... MF06


                                                             Daisy May

                                         Suitable for African grey, Amazon and similar sized birds




 Pine centre block with pine coloured daisy's and hardwood balls on each end.

All put together with food grade paper rope.

Price £2.25

                                         Item no ......MF95



Daisy May roller

Suitable for African grey, Amazon and similar sized birds




Coloured hardwood reel centre, with a 1" bagel on that roles around. Ends have pine daisy's with hardwood balls. All fastened together with food grade paper rope.

Price £2.50

                       Item no ...... MF 96



 Jungle talk shapes

Suitable for med  parrots/ African grey/Amazon/ and similar sized birds.












Pack of 2 Jungle Talk shapes 

 1  square and 1 circle

Ideal for making your own  foot toys,

                                          Or just hand to your bird                  just as they are


 price £1.80

                                                                                                                         Item no ..... MF82



                                      click hear to watch the video



Busy feet roller coaster    


Jungle Talk hard but not brittle plastic toy.

 The balls move up and down the link, but they don't come off.

Your bird will have to undo the leather to get the balls off.

                                          price £2.85

                                                                     Item no.....MF37

 click here to watch the video



Leather Braid

                                                  Suitable for African greys or similar sized birds


7inch long braided leather, knotted at each end, and with a zoo-max acrylic ring in the middle,

price £2.99

            Item no... MF07








Double Decker

suitable for African grey/Amazon/ and similar sized birds

An interesting combination of parts.

The Double Decker consists of 2 Zoo-Max acrylic bars, zoo-Max wooden beads/ bitty bagels/leather/paper rope and a large

Zoo-Max acrylic circle.

All parts twist and move. Including the 2 acrylic bars.

Your Parrot won't be able to resist shaking, rattling, and twisting!

Price £4.50     Item no MF63




Fun rattle Medium
Suitable for African grey/Amazon/ and similar sized birds
As you can see the block in the middle is being removed from the toy.
Pictured Below is Charlie having fun with his rattle after the block has been removed.
Materials that make up this toy are
Food grade strong 6mm paper stick/pine cube/hardwood balls/ acrylic squares.
Price £2.50
Item no....MF58

Foraging blocks

30mm natural pine block with large holes

                                                                       suitable for medium parrots




Hide nuts, or other treats inside, and give as a foot toy, or roll unbleached paper and push inside the hole.

Bird's just love um!!

Pack of 10 foraging blocks

Price £2.80

Item no .... MF08


Mini foraging blocks




I designed these blocks for Grumpy (pictured above) who loves pine nuts. They have been such a success that I have decided to make them available for all. Grumpy’s owner says “They are real life savers, as when she gets them, she is quiet for ages, and now her mate Clayton has decided he loves them too”.

They are brilliant toys for noisy hyperactive parrots, as they give them something to keep their minds busy.



Hole size is 6mm and just the right size for pine kernels, or bits of walnuts which is Claytons favourite treat.


Small seeds or bits of toast should work just as well.

Pack of 10  Price £1.99

Item no... MF92



Pine slices

Suitable for medium parrots

African grey or similar sized birds


Parrots just love these slices!!

You can give them to your bird as they are, or add leather, and other bits like in the left picture.

pack of 10

price £1.90

Item no ... MF09


Candy pop

Suitable for medium parrots/African greys and similar sized birds

Materials zoo-max wooden tube beads, pine, and natural veg tanned leather.

great fun!!

Price £1.95       Item no MF10




Floppy Joe foot toy

Suitable for medium parrot's/African greys and similar sized birds





Knotted leather, with pine blocks, and bigger bitty bagels.

A fun, safe toy for your parrot

Price £2.99

Item no .. MF14


Forest forage

Foot toy

Suitable for greys/Amazons/Macaw/Cockatoo


Birdie cardboard tube, with food grade paper rope knotted on the tube.

The knots on the inside allow you to hide treats inside the tube, and they will not fall out.

The treats will not be easy to remove, and your bird will have to work to get the treat out.


Birds just love this toy, with or without food inside it.

Price £2.25 each

                        Item no ....MF48




Forest forage foot toy (small)

Suitable for small to medium parrots. Sengal/caique/ African greys/

Half size birdie tube with food grade paper rope knotted on to the tube.

The knots on the inside allow for you to pop in some

treats for your bird.

The treat will not be easy to remove

so your bird will have to work to get the treat out.

Birds just love this toy, with or without food inside it.

Price £1.50

                          Item no...SF38



Snack attack!! Foraging toy
Suitable for African grey/Amazon or similar sized birds

Fun foraging toy!!

This toy consists of a 2" birdie bite with 2 hard wood balls attached separately on each end.

The toy comes with one ball already attached, and the other ball is to be fastened by you, after you have put a treat inside for your bird to retrieve.

Price £2.25          Item no MF74
Snack attack!! Refill
The balls on the snack attack are hardwood, and should last a good while, so I have done a refill pack which consists of 3 of the 2 inch birdie bites with holes and
1 meter of paper rope
Price £1.75
Item no....MF74R


Forest tweets/medium

Suitable for greys/Amazons/ and similar sized birds


34mm square pine blocks with food grade paper rope added.

One block with 9 ply food grade paper rope, and the other with the 4 play food grade paper rope

    pack of 2

        Price £1         Item no ......MF51


Fun log

Suitable for African grey/Amazon and similar sized birds



Hardwood coloured wood center,

2 chunky cock-a-hoops in the middle, and paper rope knotted on each end.

Price £1.50 each

                      Item no ....MF59



Super bird paper sticks
                                                        Suitable for small to medium parrots
HEY!! What do I do with this??

                          Well Buddy!! You start like this



And you work your way down like this

These sticks do come in small and large, I only sell the larger size because the small ones I think , were far too small for any size bird.

Pack of 25

           Price £3.99         Item no ..MF23


24 piece foot toy starter pack

                               lots of different items for your parrots toy box

2 x super bird paper sticks

3 x brown paper sticks

1 x large "2 acrylic shape

1 x 30mm pine foraging block

2 x medium pine slices

1 x half birdie bite

2 x small parrot pipes

2 x Mini bangles

1 x Jungle talk plastic square

1 x Jungle Talk plastic ball

1 x Zoo-Max wooden ring

2 foot toys from the foot toy assortment pack.

2 x 2" birdie bangles

1 x 30mm square pine block

1 x Forest tweet foot toy

1 x 1" bagelette

This will keep your parrot busy for quite some time.

Price £8.50

Item no ....MF24


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