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Safe, unique, handmade bird toys

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 Cracker with cage mount

Suitable for Budgie/Cockatiel/Parrotlette/lovebird/and similar sized birds








Another great preening toy that will keep the most destructive birds busy for a good while.


This toy attaches to the cage bars with the stainless steel fittings supplied.

Pine coloured back base, paper cracker in the centre, and  a pine heart shape at the front.

attached to the cracker is acrylic beads,  cardboard bagel halves, wooden beads, and pine blocks, giving lots of variety for your bird.


Price £8.50

              Item no ...BT36



The stainless steel fittings will last as long as your bird, so replacement parts are available.

Pine back 50p

Pine heart with 2 beads attached 70p

Cracker centre with toys parts attached £5.30






Skinny bagel swing

suitable for budgie/cockatiel/lovebird/and similar sized birds




 A larger swing made from the skinny bagels.



A great item for your budgie to climb in, swing about, and chew.


                      Price £3.99

                    Item no.........BT44








Daisy May roller

Suitable for African grey, Amazon and similar sized birds




Coloured hardwood reel centre, with a 1" bagel on that roles around. Ends have pine daisy's with hardwood balls. All fastened together with food grade paper rope.

Price £2.50

                       Item no ...... MF 96

Paper cracker with stainless steel cage mount
Suitable for small to medium parrots

Cage mounted paper cracker.

These are perfect, for in the cage or outside of the cage. Made from  tightly rolled unbleached, food grade paper, in a cardboard ring attached to a coloured pine base with Stainless fittings. These tough, long lasting chew toys will keep your birdie beaks busy for many hours.

If your bird has limited mobility this is be a great solution for offering a shredding toy to a specific area of the cage. It's safe, doesn't move, and has no sharp areas.

 A Great toy for blind or partially sighted parrots.


Item no .... MY41

Price £4


Refill paper crackers £1.20

Item no .....

7" bagel with stainless steel cage mount fitting.





With the stainless steel fitting you can attach the bagel inside or outside the cage.

Birds love to climb round the bagels and use them as a perch.

By adding a hole to the outer side of the bagel you can add toys for extra fun.

Price £5.50


                   Item no .....T32

If you want an extra hole (no charge) just ask when ordering.


Refill bagels available price £2.99

Item no P14