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parrots having fun

see what all the squawks about



 My name is Maximus, and this is my new toy.
I am told it's for me to chew, but I think it makes a good perch,
dont you agree.
flippin heck!! it's gonna take me forever to get everything out of here.
It's gonna take me longer, mine is HUGE!! and its stuffed full 
should I have this one,
 or should I have that one,



No I'll have this one  
 yike's!!  I nearly fell off, I hope no one was looking
WOW!! it sure is fun up hear, this is one super fun bagel 
I can do it!!
 Yes I can, I can climb all the way round my bagel
Flippin heck!! where do I sleep tonight
 this is my  ladder, I eat on it, I play on it, and I sleep on it.
  ITS MINE!!    
WOW!! I knew mum had ordered a special play swing from Pine4parrots, but it's a bit big dont you think ?
I guess Yvonne must think I'm a macaw 
There is no easy way to eat in this house,
 if you want food, you have to hunt for it.
now where's the sweetcorn ?? 
am I just the sweetest caique you have ever seen,
 take a close look, I am, am I not
stop watching me, I want to play
Hey mum!! are these for me 
HEY!! have you seen this, it's for me, it's MINE!!
wow!! a box of pine4parrots goodies.
Just leave the box with us, we will sort it out. 
I think the toys great!!
 but this biscuit I have been given, so I sit still, is even better