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Domestic ducks are being dumped on ponds all over the UK
They do not have the ability to survive in the wild, and depend on people to feed them to survive.
When winter comes, and the people stop feeding the  ducks
they STARVE!!
I do my best to help abandoned ducks in my area.
I also rescue injured wild ducks.
This little guy was found  hiding behind a dustbin.
He is a domestic duck (Aylesbury) and no one has any idea where he has come from.
He is well, and all grown up now
He will stay with me until I can find someone who can give a very good home.
I have named him Dusty.
These two little darlings were dumped on our local pond, by some heartless person.
They are domestic ducks, and they were so tiny and they were not able to fend for themselves. They would have just starved to death.
They now have a forever home with me. 

Cookie pictured below was dumped on the pond in such a terrible state; it took days for me to get the filth from his feathers. He was left in the freezing cold, (December) and unable to swim because of his damaged feathers, so if he had gone into the deep water, he would have drowned.

He was extremely thin, and in a very poor state.


He now has a forever home with me 

Yes I am happy now, and very handsome, dont you think"
This is my friend sweep, he was a dumped duck too.
 we are hiding from the camera.
"Hi I'm sweep, and It wasn't me who made the big muddy hole in the lawn"
The 4 Aylesbury ducks below were dumped on our local pond to fend for themselves.
These are none flying ducks and they did not know where to go, or what to do. They could not get out of the water due to the bank round the pond being too high for them to climb out.
Their feathers were not waxed, so they were not used to being in water, and they were slowly sinking.
I waded in and picked them up one by one, and took them to a friend's garden, as I didnt have room for them.
They were exhausted, and when I put them down they could not use their legs at all.
These poor ducks just fell flat on their bellies and could not walk at all.
They would have drowned if I hadn't got them out of the water when I did.
It took a couple of days for them to recover from their ordeal, and they are now all doing well, and they now have a new home.
To give you an idea on what is happening on many ponds around the UK
Feeding your local ducks on the pond
Ducks shouldn't be fed bread! it really isnt good for them.
Better foods to feed are
peas, small chopped pieces of carrot, apple, plum, and pear. chopped cabbage, but (make sure if you are feeding outside leaves that you give them a good wash because of pesticide's that will be present).
wheat, whole maize, barley, oats, or you can buy mixed corn.
Also, you can buy duck pellets.
and also floating duck pellets.