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Safe, unique, handmade bird toys

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The toys on this page are ones that I recommend as safe, and also have good play value.


I do not sell these toys!!

so you can be assured their is no promotion to sell on my part, and I have nothing to gain in recommending these toys.


If I think a toy is worthy of putting in your birds cage, then I will promote it on here.



Barrel of fun foraging toy





I love this toy!!

Made from super tough but not brittle plastic.

 The Barrel Of Fun is a great first time foraging toy.


 Place fruits, veggies or any treat inside, push in the chamber and turn to lock, then hang and watch instinct take over.

the barrel does open easy, and will open as your bird plays with it, once they realise food is inside your bird will learn how to twist and open the barrel at a fast pace.


 to make it harder, I put a small piece of unbleached paper in the barrel as I shut it. This tightens the barrel, and makes it harder to open.

 For added foraging fun, hang several Barrels Of Fun in your birds cage, and hide food in one or all

Warning!!As always I recommend removing the chain and hanging with leather.

 Chains can be a danger to birds!!



Buffet Ball

I have well tested this on small and medium parrots/ not sure if it will withstand a larger parrots beak. 



 from feedback from customers. This toy is well liked, and is a tough toy.                     

 The two halves of the buffet ball simply twist apart, fill with food, chewable wood, paper, treats or anything else you can think of.



  You can hang the buffet ball with leather.  Just thread through the top and bottom hole to hang. Adding a few pine blocks to your leather hanger will add to the fun.

Be careful when joining your two buffet ball halves together, cross threading is a possibility.


This item is also sold with stainless steel hanger, and cage mount. These are not very good, and most birds figure out how to open the plastic fastner that keeps the ball on.

So everything ends up on the floor  :0)





suitable for small to medium parrots 




 This is another safe fun toy, with great fun to be had for the parrots that want to learn

and for them that dont (like mine) its fun to take off the rings and play with them


watch the video


 Tough stainless steel treat cages

a paradise toy



Every bird should have a stainless steel treat cage. This toy certainly has the WOW!! Factor, and is one of my favourite toys.

 A brilliant fun toy, which will entertain and challenge your bird for many hours a day.

  It’s a new toy every day!! Just fill with different items each day, and watch the fun begin.

There is so many items that you can put in these cages, blocks of wood, bagels, shredded unbleached paper, acrylic shapes, any toy bits and bobs left over from yesterdays dismantled toys, nuts and treats etc...

 The hunting for,and removing of all those interesting items you have put inside the cage, makes this toy a fantastic foraging toy, and is good for your parrot's natural foraging instincts.
 My two Senegal’s have a couple of these, and they love them.
All parts including chain are stainless steel and the chain is welded closed, and each cage comes with a stainless steel quick link.


I have had a couple of people with greys, and one with a macaw, that have reported  to me that their birds have managed to turn the cage round and round until it comes of its hanger.
looking at the toy, the ball at the top takes up to much room on the thread that the fixing fastens to.
 so if you saw the ball in half it will make the toy more secure, or you may have a smaller ball/item that you can replace the ball with.
The small cage is suitable for small to medium birds, and even suitable for the larger bird. Bar width are the same on both sized cages
Now only available from USA

 stainless steel tube bells

a paradise toy



keep your bird safe with these brilliant bells.

No zinc to worry about, and the clapper can't be removed. Great large link chain (the only chain I will use).

 And each bell comes with a stainless steel quick link.

Well worth buying. my birds love these bells.







Triple Shape Stacker Acrylic Parrot  toy 

A nice toy, and a great item for the birds that want to learn.

 And for the ones that don't want to learn, then they will still love playing with the acrylic shapes 

Nice thick acrylic shapes, so should withstand small to medium parrots. I am unsure if it will be ok for the larger bird

Check all shapes before giving the toy to your bird, for any  that may be faulty, and have sharp edges.

Zoo-Max acrylic ring stacker


Same idea as the shape stacker, but using rings instead of shapes.

This does come in three sizes,

small for senegal/caique etc.... Medium for African grey /Amazon etc... and large for macaw large cockatoo

Check all shapes before giving the toy to your bird, for any ones that may be faulty, and have sharp edges.