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Safe, unique, handmade bird toys

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More safe creation's from pine4parrots  
  Birds love a toy box            

 For your toy box you can use a spare Food Cup that affixes to the side of the cage 
 fill the toy box with small foot toys and toy parts
 pine blocks, acrylic shapes, paper sticks etc... Small strands of bird safe vegetable tanned leather, and paper rope, threaded through blocks adds intrest to a block,
 Remember to use the right size toy part for your bird.
click here to see pepe with his foot toy bowl

Busy feet foot toys

long lasting foot toy range, that will provide your parrot with hours of play. 

Birds love them!! 

materials tough/hard/ but not brittle  plastic.

 Made by Jungle Talk USA


Busy feet Peggy foot toy

 size  small / suitable for senegals caiques etc  up to small greys



there is no glue on this toy, with use, the balls on the end do sometimes loosen, this just adds to the fun for your bird, all parts are safe, and you can push the balls back on to the bar, and even add a few bitty bagels on for more fun.

Price £1.99         

                 Item no ... SF1



Busy feet Peggy foot toy

  size tiny/ this is a smaller foot toy, suitable for the smaller parrots up to senegal /caique/conure etc...




This is made the same as above, but is slightly smaller in size, making it easier to handle for the smaller birds.



price £1.85

                   Item no .... SF2



Busy feet pacifier

this is a tiny foot toy suitable for the smaller parrots up to senegal sized parrots





           great foot toy for the smaller parrot.

          The ring in the middle moves about

colours vary 

price £1.45  

                                                                                                                      Item no....SF5



   Acrylic foot toy

another long lasting foot toy

                suitable for senegal/caique/conure etc...



zoo max acrylic center bar with knotted leather, and 6 zoo-max shapes added.


 brilliant fun!! my senegals love this foot toy, especially little harry who will sit for ages playing.


 All the acrylic parts can be  used over and over again.

when your parrot has undone all the knots, just find the pieces (if you can) and put it back together again.


  price £2.99             

                         Item no... SF7



Curley wurley

suitable for senegal/caique/conure etc...



Zoo-Max acrylic bar with 9 ply food grade paper rope twisted through the holes

 fixed in the center are two acrylic shapes, that move about on the toy.


the paper rope is strong, so wont be destroyed as fast as you may think.


The toy comes with 8 refill pieces of rope, to make 8 more toys.


Price £2.99

                                     Item no.......SF3 



Pine slices

suitable for small parrots senegal/caique etc...


birds just love these slices!!  


you can hand them to your parrot as they are, or add leather, acrylic's, zoo-max beads, or smaller pine blocks to the slices.


pine slices size small

 pack of 10

           price £1.70                            

                                                                        Item no ....SF8






foot toy assortment pack

contains 5 foot toys           

suitable for senegal/conure/caique etc..


pack of 5 foot toys that your parrot will love 

Great Value/great fun!!  



Each pack is differant, and Items may vary from the pictures

All Items are safe, fun, and great toys for your parrots toy box. 

pack of 5 foot toys for £3 

                           that's just 60p                                  each!!           

                                                      Item no....SF9   








Fun rattle
suitable for caique/senegal/conure/and similar sized birds
Materials that make up this toy
Paper stick/ Zoo-Max tube bead/ hardwood balls/
Zoo-Max acrylic rings.
Price £1.85
Item no .....SF43


Fun rattle

suitable for senegal/caique/conure/ and similar sized birds



Hardwood balls with jungle talk plastic shapes in the middle.

A nice easy to hold fun rattle

Price £1.85

                                               Item no.... SF50




Suitable for senegal/caique/conure/and similar sized birds 



 The Rafferty foot toy  consists of a Zoo-Max acrylic bar, zoo-Max wooden beads/a bigger bitty bagel/paper rope and a large

 Zoo-Max acrylic circle.

                     price £2.65                        Item no....SF54



  Forest forage foot toy 

Suitable for small to medium parrots 





Half size birdie tube with food grade paper rope knotted on to the tube.


The knots on the inside allow for you to hide some

treats inside.                              


 The treat will not be easy to remove 

 so your bird will have to work to get the treat's out.

Birds just love this toy, with or without food inside it.   

Price £1.50 each


                                           Item no...SF38




suitable for small parrots senegal/caiuqe/conure's etc.....

also suitable for small greys, if they prefer a smaller toy. 





each dumbell has two half size paper sticks with a zoo-max wooden disc on each end, there is  a Jungle Talk ring or a square in the middle.


price £1.25

                               Item no....SF13 



dumb bell rattle foot toy                                

for small parrots   



   Two acrylic squares in the middle of this dumbell.



price £1.75 each

                                    Item no .... SF15




28 piece toy box set

for small parrot's



lot's of foot toy items for your parrot's toy box

6 half size brown paper sticks

3 acrylic shapes

3 small pine slices

3 bitty bagels

3 bigger bitty bagels

2 super bird paper sticks

2 half size birdie bites

2 zoo-max wooden rings

4 toys from the foot toy assortment pack 

            price £6.99

                                Item no ... SF16    





Bitty bagels

small cardboard rings which are an ideal foot toy for small parrots
hole size 3/4"
packet of 24
                              Price  £5.99
                                                Item P24


half size birdie bites  
Original pet scape birdie bites



Hard bird safe cardboard birdie bites/tubes that birds love to destroy
These make great foot toys for the small to medium parrots
You can stuff treats wrapped in food grade paper inside the short bite to make a simple but effective  foraging toy
         pack of 6           Price £2.40
                                                                         Item no ... MF19      
Bigger!!  bitty bagels

For the parrots that get through the bitty bagels at a fast  pace.




These hand cut  bitty bagels are bigger in size than the bitty bagels, they will last longer, and they are   cheaper in price than the bitty bagels. 

                       pack of 24,  mixed  width's and

                           all bigger than the bitty bagels,

                                    price £5.45             Item no ......P25



Parrot mini bangles
suitable for small to medium parrots
Pack 24 mixed size and colours
These hand cut bangles have a slightly larger hole than the bigger bitty bagels.
Great item for the toy box, and great toy making part
birds love them!
Pack of 24    Great value!!  Price £4.75
                                          Item no.......P79
Pack of 12        Price £2.45
                                                                                                       Item no P79A


Chunky Birdie Bagelettes 1 inch

suitable for small to medium parrots

Original petscape birdie bagel 

At last!! a birdie bagel just the right size for the small parrot.

Centre hole is 1 inch wide, and thickness is the same as the 2" and 3" bagels  (10cmm)

Birds love to shred these bagels

Great toy box filler, and also great toy making part.


Pack of 6      Price £2.99

Item no ...SF46







Bagel pop

suitable for senegal/caique/conure and similar sized birds




Chunky bagelette, wooden beads, leather, and paper rope. 



The ball in the middle moves about for added fun

Price £1.95

                   Item no SF52



Skinny bagel bars

suitable for senegal/caique/ and similar sized birds




skinny bagel slices with food grade paper rope knotted on each end.

a great chew toy!!


Pack of 5 bars price £2.50

                          Item no ....SF51



 super bird paper sticks

for small to medium parrot's


safe colouring, and it is just the outside layer that is coloured 

these sticks do come in small and large, I only sell the larger size because the small ones I think were  far to small for any bird.

                                            size 11cm long 3cm thick     

                                                     pack of 25 paper sticks 

                                                                                 price £3.99              

                                                                                                                                                     Item no .... MF23




brown paper sticks new small  size

  suitable for small to medium parrot 



These paper sticks are not craft sticks, they are food grade paper sticks

bought direct from the manufacturer, so I know just what they are made from.

Food grade paper, no glue, no bleach,

they are 6mm thick and make fantastic!!  foot toys

size 9cm long 6mm thick

pack of 10

                     price £1 

                                           Item no ....SF36 






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