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Safe, unique, handmade bird toys

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Handmade safe parrot toys
Made with lots of TLC
My toys are superior to the manufactured toys on the market.
 I take great care with every toy I make, and 
my standards are very high.
My toys are fun, well made, and only the best quality, and  the safest materials are used in every toy I make.
Pine wood is a soft wood, and it is considered the best wood for parrots to chew.
Birds love pine!!
please be assured, I would never cut corners, and put profit before the health and well being of our birds.
I care about your parrot just as much as you do.



Button board

for small parrots



2cm thick pine board, with  zoo-max acrylic shapes knotted to the board. with natural veg tanned leather, and paper rope.

On the bottom there is pine blocks and paper crackers.


parrots love to undo knots. Your parrot will have hours of fun removing the shapes from the board

and unlike other button boards, which have wooden buttons, these acrylic buttons will last over and over again.


Just find the buttons (if you can) and put them back for your parrot to remove again.

price £14.99                       Item no  .. T06


size of board 2cm thick

18cm long

9cm wide


7" bagel with leather hanger

for small to medium parrots  

 birds just love these large bagels!! 




As you can see, great fun to be had!!





                   price £3.99

                                        Item no....T21 


7" bagel with stainless steel cage mount fitting.




With the stainless steel fitting you can attach the bagel inside or outside the cage.

Birds love to climb round the bagels and use them as a perch.

By adding a hole to the outer side of the bagel you can add toys for extra fun.

Price £5.50


Item no .....T32

If you want an extra hole (no charge) just ask when ordering.


Refill bagels available price £2.99

Item no P14



Cracker stacker

Made for small to medium sized birds.

 Just state what bird you have when ordering



Paper crackers and pine blocks all hung on a thick leather hanger.

On top is an acrylic shape for your bird to remove, and on the bottom are a bunch of pine blocks, mini bangles, and paper rope.

A safe fun toy for your bird to destroy.

Made for small to medium parrots.

Just state what bird you are buying for when ordering, and the  toy will be made the correct size for your bird.


Price £14.99

                                  Item no T30






Cracker stacker deluxe

Made for small to medium sized birds.

 Just state what bird you have when ordering








Toy as above but with more items added to it for the bird that wants more.

Just state what bird you are buying for when ordering, and the  toy will be made the correct size for your bird.



Price £19.99

Item no ....T30p 


Paper cracker with stainless steel cage mount
Suitable for small to medium parrots 






Cage mounted paper cracker.

These are perfect, for in the cage or outside of the cage. Made from  tightly rolled unbleached, food grade paper, in a cardboard ring attached to a coloured pine base with Stainless fittings. These tough, long lasting chew toys will keep your birdie beaks busy for many hours.

If your bird has limited mobility this is be a great solution for offering a shredding toy to a specific area of the cage. It's safe, doesn't move, and has no sharp areas.

 A Great toy for blind or partially sighted parrots, and a great item for the travel cage.



Price £4

Item no ....MY41


Refill paper crackers £1.20

Item no ..... P48






Bagel deluxe swing

Suitable for Senegal/Caique/all Conure's/lovebird/Quaker/Hahn's/and similar sized birds

A large 7 inch bagel with Zoo-Max tube beads attached around the bagel, with paper rope.

On the top we have,a paper cracker and pine blocks, and paper rope.

Your bird will have a great time preening, swinging, and climbing all around this fun bagel swing

Price £15.99


Item no ....T20




Millie on her swing.                                                               



 5 inch chunky bagel swing

suitable for budgie/ cockatiel/ lovebird/quacker/up to small parrots

large chunky 5 inch bird safe cardboard bagel, big enough for small parrots to climb inside.

brilliant chewable play swing for the small parrot, and also the 2 inch width, makes a good flat surface for your parrot to sleep/rest on

bagel size/ 23cm wide, 5cm thick, hole size 11cm

colours vary

price £8.99

Item no T22


5 inch Chunky bagel with stainless steel cage mount

suitable for budgie/ cockatiel/ lovebird/quaker/up to small parrots

Elfie in his large chunky 5 inch bird safe cardboard bagel.

Brilliant chewable extra strong bagel for the small bird. The 2 inch width, makes a good flat surface for your parrot to sleep/rest on

stainless steel nut, bolt and 2 x 40mm washers are included with the bagel.

You can attach the bagel to the cage, inside or outside, or even from the top of the cage.

Birds like a high resting place, so if you put this chunky bagel on the top of the cage, your bird will be sure to use it to sleep in.

You can add extra holes, and add toys/paper rope with Elfies bagel above.

Just ask if you want a couple of small holes drilling in your bagel.

No extra charge.

Price £7.99

Item no ... T23

Refill bagels

Chunky bagel with 8mm hole for attaching to the cage bars with the cage mount above

Price £5.50

Item no...T23R


Chunky Pine flat perch
suitable for senegal/caique/and similar sized birds

Birds really do need a flat area in their cage to rest on.

In the wild bird's don't just perch on small branches, they will find large chunky flat area's to rest on

Pictured here is Ollie my senegal who is 19 years old.

The perch can be attached inside and outside the cage.

All fittings (thread, washer and nut) are stainless steel.

Washer size is 50mm for a secure fit. 

Price £5.99   Item no...T27


7 " bagel swing

for small/medium parrots

Large 7" safe chewable swing.

Your parrot will have a great time swinging, chewing, and climbing on this toy.

Price £6.50

Item no... T19


Travel Buddy

Suitable for senegal/caique/and similar sized birds

A great toy for putting in the travel cage.

Fits secure to the cage bars with the stainless steel fittings.

(8mm bolt, wing nut, and 2 x 40mm washers)


Also an ideal toy for birds that like a smaller toy, or makes a nice starter toy for a baby bird

Price £6.99

Item no...T28

Refill travel Buddy

The fittings can be used over and over, so a refill toy is available without the fittings

Price £5.50

Item no .. T29


The Chube

suitable for senegal/caique/conure and similar sized birds

A nice safe chewable hideaway for your parrot.

birds love them!!

Length 22.5cm (8.75")
Diameter 13cm (5")


Price £2.99

Item no..... T25


For more info on the chube click here



                 chip in his chube                        and whats left of chips chube


Stainless steel  fixing kit for the chube

Size small

Two 8mm bolts/two 8mm wing nuts/ two tiny washers for inside the chube and two washers for the outside

Outside washers are 40mm dia, so check that your cage bar spacing are less than 40mm

Price £4.50

                    Item no ST01


Size Large for the larger cages

The kit is the same as above but with 50mm Dia stainless steel washers

Price £6

Item no ....ST16


Tough stainless steel treat cages

a paradise toy

suitable for Senegal/ caique/African grey/amazon or similar sized birds




Every bird should have a stainless steel treat cage. This toy certainly has the WOW!! Factor, and is one of my favourite toys.

 A brilliant fun toy, which will entertain and challenge your bird for many hours a day.

  It’s a new toy every day!! Just fill with different items each day, and watch the fun begin.

There is so many items that you can put in these cages, blocks of wood, bagels, shredded unbleached paper, acrylic shapes, any toy bits and bobs left over from yesterdays dismantled toys, nuts and treats etc...

 The hunting for,and removing of all those interesting items you have put inside the cage, makes this toy a fantastic foraging toy, and is good for your parrot's natural foraging instincts.
 My two Senegal’s have a couple of these, and they love them.
All parts including chain are stainless steel and the chain is welded closed, and each cage comes with a stainless steel quick link.


You can also hang things off the cage like in the picture on  the left. so if you stuff it full of goodies, and hang lots of blocks on the outside, it will keep your bird busy for hours and hours.  

nuff said


Item no ...ST09

Price £24.99 



Bronco Billy

Suitable for senegal/caique and similar sized birds


To entice your parrot to chew this toy. Insert slices of nut, or pumpkin seeds, or other small and safe intriguing bits.

But if your parrot is already well aware of the pleasures of chewing then the bronco billy toy will do just fine by itself.

The notches and holes cut into it provide a variety of ways to approach for the attack and give plenty of spots to grip with a talon during the concerted effort.

also your bird will love the pine blocks, paper crackers, bigger bitty bagels, tube beads, and paper rope, that are dangling from the base.

There are many little darlings out there, that just love to attack their brand new toy from the top, fetching the whole toy crashing to the ground.

So to fool the little darlings: The hanger holding this toy is a wide strong leather piece.


It is made especially to give extra strength to the toy, making it hard for your bird to chew the toy from the hanger.

sorry not available today

Price £13.99

                                      Item no ...T01 



Scooby doo

Suitable for senegal/caique/ and similare sized birds

A center chunky piece of pine, with various safe items hanging from it.

This toy attaches to the bars of the cage.

The toy has a large stainless steel bolt going through the center, and has a wooden washer and stainless steel wing nut at the back for secure fixing.

Sorry not available today

Price £13.99

Item no....T04


when blocks are chewed from any pine4parrots toy, dont throw them away.

pick them up, and pop them in your birds toy box.

birds love the small blocks of pine to chew.