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Safe, unique, handmade bird toys

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  This page is for the small guys
budgie/cockatiel/lovebird/quacker parrot/ parrotlet/and similar sized birds

Cracker stacker

suitable for budgie/cockatiel/parrotlet/lovebird/and similar sized birds





Small paper crackers, paper rope,  pine blocks and acrylic/wood beads, all hung on a natural veg tanned leather holder.


The top of the toy is made to fasten to the cage bars with paper rope supplied. Or if you want to hang this toy from the top of the cage like in the picture, there is a hole so you can add a pear link and hang the toy up this way.


A great shredding toy, that will provide hours of fun!!

birds really do love the paper crackers, and

the paper in the crackers is rolled very tight, so they do last a good while


Price £6.99

                          Item no....BT03 






suitable for cockatiel/ budgie/ lovebird/ or similar sized birds


This toy fastens to the side of the cage with the stainless steel fitting that goes through the middle.

 The  toy has lots of safe items for your bird to chew and explore.


your bird will love it for sure



price £9.99

                              Item no....BT11  

Once you have bought this toy your fitting will can be used over again, or even for other toys.  You can purchase this toy without the stainless steel fitting if you have your fitting from a previous purchase 

                                                                Price £7.99 

Item no  BT11R



suitable for Budgie/cockatiel / lovebird/and similar sized birds








 A fun, safe, preening toy for your bird.

Cardboard birdie bite centre, with paper tightly rolled and pushed inside, (like with the crackers). Paper is coming out of the bottom centre. 

 There are two cardboard 1" bagels pushed on the outside, with paper rope, and various safe items on them, giving a great variety of things to explore.

Your bird is sure to be delighted with this toy. 


price £7.99

                              Item no .... BT06







A customers picture of her two budgies having great fun with the bagel deluxe swing, and what's left of the cascade.


The small birds really do enjoying these toys.






Bagel deluxe swing

Suitable for cockatiel/lovebird/Quaker/budgie/ and similar sized birds



A large 7ich bagel with a 3inch bagel in the middle.

  12 zoo-max beads are attached  with paper rope.

Your bird will have a great time preening, swinging, and climbing all around this fun bagel swing


Price £13.99


                             Item no..... BT21






A customer's two budgies haveing great fun with the bagel swing







Suitable forBudgie/ Cockatile/Lovebird and similar sized birds







Cardboard birdie bangles, a chunky paper cracker, paper rope, thin pine blocks, acrylic and wood beads, all hung on a natural leather hanger.

A great, safe, shredding toy, that your bird will love!!


Price £7.99

                         Item no.........BT04








 Cracker with cage mount

Suitable for Budgie/Cockatiel/Parrotlet/lovebird/and similar size






Another great preening toy that will keep the most destructive birds busy for a good while.


This toy attaches to the cage bars with the stainless steel fittings supplied.

Pine coloured back base, paper cracker in the centre, and  a pine heart shape at the front.

Attached to the cracker are acrylic beads,  cardboard bagel halves, wooden beads, and pine blocks, giving lots of variety for your bird.


Price £8.50

              Item no ...BT36



The stainless steel fittings will last as long as your bird, so replacement parts are available.






Pine back base with paper rope added 60p

Item no ...BT45







Pine heart with 2 beads attached 70p


Item no .....BT46 







~~~~Be creative~~~

 Paper cracker with holes for you to add your own toys 95p


Item no.......BT47



Or if the pine heart and base have survived, you can buy the centre cracker with toys attached £5.20

                                                                                      Item no.......     BT37




Perch play ring

suitable for Budgie/cockatiel / lovebird/and similar sized birds



 Just pop it on to the perch!!

Hole size is 1 inch, so will fit any perch 1 inch or smaller.

 For added fun for your bird, if your perch is smaller than 1 inch , you can add tightly folded unbleached paper inside the ring. This will keep the ring from moving, and your bird will love shredding the paper.

Price £2.50

                            Item no ...... BT20









Perch play ring

suitable for Budgie/cockatiel / lovebird/and similar sized birds




Just pop it on to the perch!!


A mixture of safe items on this perch ring.

hole size is slightly smaller because there is paper rope on the inside so makes for a snugger fit.


Price £2.50

Item no...BT42









bagel swing

for small/medium parrots






large 7" chewable bagel swing.


 A great item for hanging somewhere outside the cage, giving your bird a fun chewable landing place.

also a great swing for the cage, if you have a large cage


Price £6.50

                Item no... T19 





 7" bagel with leather hanger

suitable for the smallest birds up to largest birds





 Birds really do love these bagels!!


7" bagel with leather hanger

these bagels are a great item for hanging in the cage, and they make great play rings for outside the cage.




                       price £3.99

                                         Item no ... T21 







5 Inch chunky bagel swing

suitable for budgie/ cockatiel/ lovebird/quacker/up to small parrots

large chunky 5 inch bird safe cardboard bagel, big enough for small parrots to climb inside.

brilliant chewable play swing for the small parrot, and also the 2 inch width, makes a good flat surface for your parrot to sleep/rest on

bagel size/ 1cm thick cardboard, 13cm wide,  Inner hole size 11cm 

colours vary

                     price £8.99

                                                  Item no T22  



5 inch Skinny bagels

suitable for budgie/cockatiel/lovebird. up to small parrots


These skinny bagels are great to hang up for the small birds

size 5" hole

    10mm wide

                7mm thick.


            Price 95p each

                                 Item no... P74





mini  bangel swing

suitable for budgie/cockatiel/lovebird






3" bangel with leather hanger and plastic jungle talk beads 


A nice little toy for your budgie to climb in, swing about, and chew.

price £2.50          Item no...BT09








make your own swing


Birdie bangle with hole, for easy hanging.
Makes a great swing for the small guys.
size of bangle
                   Inside dia 9cm
Price 65p each
                    Item no....BT22




Skinny bagel swing

suitable for budgie/cockatiel/lovebird




 A larger swing made from the skinny bagels.



A great item fro your budgie to climb in, swing about, and chew.


                      Price £3.99

                    Item no.........BT44















chunky bagel play swing

suitable for budgie/ cockatiel/ lovebird/quaker/and similar sized birds



large chunky 5 inch bird safe cardboard bagel, big enough for small birds to climb inside.


brilliant chewable play swing for the smaller bird, and also the 2 inch width,  makes a good flat surface for your parrot to sleep/rest on.


price £14.50                                              

                        Item no BT19                                                      


bagel size/ 23cm wide, 5cm thick, hole size 11cm 

colours vary 







Chunky bagel with stainless steel cage mount

suitable for budgie/ cockatiel/ lovebird/quaker/up to small parrots




Elfie in his large chunky 5 inch bird safe cardboard bagel.



Brilliant chewable extra strong bagel for the small bird. The 2 inch width,  makes a good flat surface for your parrot to sleep/rest on


stainless steel nut and bolt and washer is included with the bagel, which allows you to attach to the cage bars.

You can attach to the cage, inside or outside.

Birds like a high resting place, so if you put this chunky bagel on the top of the cage, your bird will be sure to use it to sleep in.

You can add extra holes, and add toys/paper rope with Elfies bagel above.

Just ask if you want a couple of small holes drilling in your bagel.

No extra charge.

Price £7.99

                            Item no ... T23 




Refill bagels

Chunky bagel with 8mm hole for attaching to the cage bars with the stainless steel fitting above.


Price £5.50     Item no...T23R







Stainless steel tube bell

Suitable for Budgie/cockatiel/quaker/lovebird/ up to small parrots





 I have been asked many times

 "do I have a safe bell for a budgie"


Most bells on bird toys are unsafe, and I found it impossible to find a small safe bell for the smaller birds.


The tube bell pictured here is a safe bell, but it is a large bell, so I was unsure if it would be suitable for a budgie.

Pepito pictured here  was desperate for a bell because his mummy took all his dangerous bells off him, after she found out about the dangers. 

Pepito tested this bell for me, and told me he is delighted with it.

He loves the sound it makes, and he loves to look at his reflection in the bell.

So on Pepitos recommendation, I now sell this bell.

Price £14.99

Item no....ST02






Pine platform perch

suitable for cockatiel/Budgie/parrotlet and similar sized birds




Birds really do need a flat area in their cage to rest on.

In the wild bird's don't just perch on small branches, they will find large chunky flat areas on tree's to rest their feet on.

Pictured here is Gizmo my cockatiel. She is 20 years old now, and prefers a flat perch.

They can be attached inside or outside the cage.

All fittings are stainless steel.

Size 9cm long

6cm wide

37mm thick

price £4.50

                                                         Item no...BT35




The Chube 

suitable for  Budgie/Cockatiel/lovebird/and similar sized birds


 This is a brilliant!! idea, and birds really do love them.
If you look on the toy safety page, you will see why I DO NOT like the birdie beds, no birdie bed is safe, and in my opinion NO bird should have one.
This chube is a safer option, it has been tested by my birds, and lots of my customers birds, all who say their birds really love the chube.
It has been a big HIT!! with everyone, so I really recommend you get one of these for your bird.



The pictures above shows the chube with toys added to it, you can add a few toys like this for more fun.





Length 22.5cm (8.75")
Diameter 10.5cm (4")


Price £2.50

                           Item no.... BT43


Stainless steel fittings for attaching the chube to the cage bars









Two 8mm bolts/two 8mm wing nuts/ two tiny washers for inside the chube and two washers for the out side of the cage bars.

Out side washers are 40mm dia.


Price £4.50

                     Item no ST01



Click here for small bird toy making parts