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Safe, unique, handmade bird toys

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Hello and welcome from Mojo and Shinda


My commitment to excellence is evident in all my toys


My commitment to safety is paramount!!

It's my passion to make our feathered friends both safe and happy by providing fun!! Safe!! Irresistible!! Toys.

I also offer an excellent customer service. I am always on hand for you and your bird.

 On my site you will find no nonsense safe!! Handmade  parrot toys, that will entertain, challenge, and stimulate your feathered friend.

My toys are as unique as our feathered friends that play with them

I take pride in my ability to make bird toys that are of exceptional quality, and using only the safest materials.

My toys are fun, extremely well made, and  are loved by even the most discriminating birds.

Birds are intelligent creatures that need to be mentally stimulated, to prevent boredom.

Toy's play a very important role in helping you to provide the stimulation and entertainment your bird needs

But!! Toys will only have the desired effect, if your bird will like, and want to play with the toys you choose.

I  really do know how to make a toy that will tempt even the fussiest bird.

Toys that will captivate, and delight your bird, and provide them with the ultimate experience.

Parrots really, just can’t resist my toys!!

  It has taken a lot of time working with other people’s birds, as well as my own, for me to get to know what birds want, and how to make toys irresistible!!

And this I have achieved, because of my passion for birds, and my dedication, and determination to give them toys that they deserve.


I have been asked to help many birds that have never played, and showed no interest in toys at all, and many birds that were scared of any toy that was given to them.

All these birds I have been asked to help, are now happy playing.

I don’t believe in the words "my bird does not like to play" 

Birds do like to play; they just need the right toys, and a gentle approach in introducing new toys. 


Another important thing that needs another mention, is my concern for your bird's health and wellbeing


I am well researched on toy safety, toxins etc... and I am concerned for the safety of all birds., I am concerned about the vast amount of unsafe toys on the market, and I go to great lengths to make sure I supply none toxic toys.

 I use good quality untreated pine, which I purchase is in sealed packs from B&Q, and I  use only the best quality vegetable tanned leather on all my toy’s. I get my leather direct from the tannery, this way I can be sure it is natural, with no finishes etc...And it is not tanned with Oak tanning, (which is toxic to birds).

Oak tanning is a common tanning used in vegetable tanned leather, and this leather is used in lots of parrot toys.


All my Designs are examined carefully for safety, and making sure the toy will still be safe as it slowly gets destroyed.

I do not use long pieces of leather on my toys, which can cause a hazard for birds; all my toys are carefully designed to keep your bird safe. Please be assured that I do everything humanly possible to make sure your bird will be safe when playing with one of my toys.

But still, I advise everyone!!, to check all your bird's toys on a regular basis.

It is very important to keep an eye on your bird's nails, if they get to long, this can make any toy a hazard.

Please note: You must make sure you buy the right size toy for your bird. A big mistake people make when buying their parrot's toys, is buying the wrong size toy for the beak that will be attacking it.

No matter how safe a toy is, if given to the wrong size bird that it was made for, it can make the toy a hazard.


Also hoops in toys meant for a small parrot could strangle a larger parrot, if you give a bird a toy with a hoop/hole in it, you must make sure your bird can get right through the hole, or not get their head in at all.
Please visit my toy safety page for important tips.


As well as the selection of toys I make, I also stock a selection of toy parts including all the zoo-max acrylic shapes.

  All my toy making parts have been carefully chosen, I only stock toy parts I consider safe, so you will not find pages and pages of unsuitable, none safe items. Just a small selection of safe toy making parts for your bird. 

I also have a page on toy making ideas; this is well worth a look.

Plastic toy parts are sold for birds just about everywhere!! In my eyes many plastic items for sale for parrots are not safe for your bird, this is my opinion based on research I have done on plastic.

A quick word on plastic.


Any plastic that can be chewed by a beak is unsafe to give to your parrot. Your bird can choke, and it can also cause digestive problems for your bird, if bits of plastic were to be swallowed. Plastic is full!! Of chemicals, and when plastic is chewed, this releases the chemicals in the plastic.  

So because of the above reasons, I only sell plastic parts, that are hard enough not!! to be chewed up by a bird, but not brittle enough to break and cut a bird.

I do not use anything made from PVC. This is a very toxic plastic, and it is often used in parrot toys Do you have any questions?  Do you need any help picking out the perfect toy??

Do you have a parrot that won’t play, has never played. If so, then I can help your bird.

Please don't hesitate to contact me.

You can email me,  and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Please leave your phone number if you would like me to ring you


Or you can telephone me 10am-6pm mon-fri on 01377-252623