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Update : All Geese have now been re homed, and the pond has had a clean up.
Not a very good clean up, but at least they have made an effort, and things are better now.





Ducks and geese  on Burton Agnes pond need your help!!
It is not just wildlife on this pond.
The pond has 40 domestic geese and 10 domestic ducks. They are on the pond because of people dumping them when they no longer want them.

 They have no wild instincts to survive and they can’t fly, so depend on people feeding them. I have been feeding and rescuing domestic ducks on this pond for many years.
The ducks and geese have it tough, and I try to help the best I can.

 If the ducks and geese are not fed they will just starve to death. Wild ducks can fly to another pond to find food, but the domestic ducks can’t fly off.
I have been trying to get help for the geese for over a year because they wonder all over the main road looking for grass when they are hungry



Some do get run over, and just thrown into the side of the road.


This pond has No grass for grazing, most of the land around the pond is just bramble so the ducks and geese can't forage  on it.
The pond hardly has any water in it at the minute, and this has made things even worse for the domestic birds on their.
There is about 15 late ducklings that need feeding as there is nothing at all for them, and they cant fly to fields nearby.

Things have gone from bad to worse on this pond, and no one seems to want to help.
Feeding all the birds is costly, and I do need help to buy food. I just cant keep up the expence, and really do need help with the cost of food.
If anyone can help the ducks and geese with a donation towards food please do so by clicking on the PayPal logo. Even if it's just a £1 it will help. 

If any local people can feed them please do. But please, no bread. This is bad for the ducks.
Good foods to feed are floating duck food, chopped apple, frozen peas and sweetcorn (defrosted) wheat, maize, barley, oats, duck pellets.
 Chopped up plums, grapes, pears,carrots. Please make sure they are small pieces as the ducklings may choke.
Wash before chopping to get the pesticide residue off them.

 I have put my heart and soul into looking after the domestic birds that get dumped on this pond year, after year.
I cant stand by and see these birds starve. They didn't ask to be dumped, and they have no choice but to try to survive in the surrounding they have been given.
I did get the geese in the local paper in Aug, in hope something would be done.
A spokesperson for Burton Agnes Hall, who own the pond, said: “We are actively trying to solve the problem. That was in August 20014 and nothing has been done.
The article in the paper did prompt more people to feed the geese and this kept them off the road.

 10th April 
The RSPCA wildlife officer for this area rang me and told me he had been to the pond on a couple of occasions and he shared some of my concerns. He asked if I could meet him at the pond. (this was when it had water in it)

We met and had a long chat. He said he had watched the ducks for a long time and noticed they don't go under the water for food, so there must not be any plant life etc.... in the pond. I explained that there never has been because the pond is a puddle in the middle most of the time, and it has only just filled up.
He said there wasn't enough natural food for the birds on the pond, and he was concerned.
A good few issues were talked about and he said he would do his best to help.
At last !! someone see's what I see, and I was hopeful that help was on the way.
Maybe Burton Agnes hall didn't realise this, and I thought that when they did, they would help the birds.
This was on the 10th April. NOTHING!! has been done, and the situation with the water level has made the problem worse.

I still need to feed the birds until something is done, and I need help with the cost, so please if anyone can give a small donation, I would be grateful.
They will starve if they are not fed.
If you are local and want to buy some floating duck food to feed the ducks and geese then  this is the cheapest place to get it from.

I have managed to rescue the female silver appleyard duck and she is with me at the minute. I  also rescued a few mallard ducklings over the summer.
The wild ducklings were put onto another pond once they were ok to be released.

5 months on now, and nothing has been done. The situation is worse now than it was. The pond is at a very low level and if we dont get a lot of rain soon, it will be empty. All domestic ducks and  geese cant fly off to another pond so will die if something isnt done soon. there are lots of ducklings that cant fly too. All the birds are starving, they have no protection from foxes, and the water stinks.
I have been in touch with the RSPCA (again) and they are going to take another look.
Burton Agnes hall do know the problems, but havnt done anything to help.
The RSPCA cant do anything without there say so, as it's their pond.
Not until they all start to die, then they can take action. I would like action before any of them die.

If you are local and can go down and feed them, that would be great. Please, not bread!! it does them more harm than good. No nutrition in it at all.
Foods suitable are Wheat, maize, barley, duck pellets, frozen peas and sweetcorn,(defrosted)  floating duck food. (soaked for the ducklings) chopped carrots. Bata in Nafferton sell sacks of wheat, and mixed corn. Also the country store in Driffield sells smaller bags of maize mixed corn etc.... at a resonable cost.
Please help if you can. 

Click for pictures of the pond