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This is missie. I did manage to rescue her and she is with me at the minute.


Pictures below are of the road side of the pond.
Trees have been cut down and just left. Most of the land is bramble, and ducks cant get through it to forage for food.
Wild ducks can fly to fields to get food.
The domestic ducks have no where to get food from at all, they CANT FLY!!

The domestic geese go over the main road to find grass to eat if no one feeds them.
They are getting run over trying to find food

I have cleared a few of the big branches from this area to give the ducks a small area to roost on.

This part is clear of bramble because I cleared it a couple of years ago.

 It's a bit disheartening when someone comes along and cut tress down, and just leave all the branches  as they fall.



Pictures below are from the side unseen by most people
sharp rusty metal, sharp wire meshing, and a broken sink.
A danger to the wild life as well as the domestic birds.


Pictures of part of the far side of the pond.
High banks and compleatly covered in bramble, tree branches etc.. so no ducks or geese can forage on this land


There is some land further up that is clear. I have done this over the years.
It is well used by the ducks and depleated of any food.