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Safe, unique, handmade bird toys

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I highly recommend everyone buy some untreated pine, and have a go at making their own toys.

 Most manufactured toys on the market are not suitable for the birds, and pose lots of hidden dangers.

Click here for more info


Check out the toy making info pages to hopefully help you in making your own toys. If you need any help, please dont hesitate in contacting me.


A medium sized bird can go through a lot of pine in a week, so by doing your own blocks, you can save money, and keep your bird safe, and well entertained.

Birds really do love pine.



Button board

suitable for African grey/Amazon/and similar sized birds

2cm thick pine board, with 8 zoo-max acrylic shapes knotted to the board. (size 1.50" as above)

parrots love to undo knotts, and will have hours of fun removing the shapes from the board

and unlike other button boards, which have wooden buttons, these acrylic buttons will last over and over again.

just find the buttons (if you can) and put them back for your parrot to remove again.

price £12.99         Item no ... T03

size of board 2cm thick

23cm long

9cm wide



                                                  Cracker stacker

                                                             Made for small to medium parrots.


Paper crackers and pine blocks all hung on a thick leather hanger.

on top is an acrylic shape for your bird to remove, and on the bottom is a bunch of pine blocks, mini bangles, and paper rope.

A safe fun toy for your bird to destroy.


Made for small to medium parrots.

Just state what bird you are buying for when ordering, and the  toy will be made the correct size for your bird.


Price £14.99

                                  Item no T30






                          Cracker stacker deluxe

                                                 Made for small to medium sized birds.

                                                            Just state what bird you have when ordering








This toy is  as above but with more items added to it for the bird that wants more.

Just state what bird you are buying for when ordering, and the  toy will be made the correct size for your bird.



                                                    Price £19.99

                              Item no ....T30p 


Paper cracker with stainless steel cage mount
Suitable for small to medium parrots 



Cage mounted paper cracker.

These are perfect, for in the cage or outside of the cage. Made from  tightly rolled unbleached, food grade paper, in a cardboard ring attached to a coloured pine base with Stainless fittings. These tough, long lasting chew toys will keep your birdie beaks busy for many hours.

If your bird has limited mobility this is be a great solution for offering a shredding toy to a specific area of the cage. It's safe, doesn't move, and has no sharp areas.

 A Great toy for blind or partially sighted parrots, and a great item for the travel cage.


Item no .... MY41

Price £4


Refill paper crackers £1.20

Item no ..... P48




Chunky Pine flat perch
In two sizes



Birds really do need a flat area in their cage to rest on.

In the wild bird's don't just perch on small branches, they will find large chunky flat area's to rest on

Pictured here is Ollie my Senegal who is 19 years old.

The perch can be attached inside and outside the cage.

All fittings (thread, washer and nut) are stainless steel.

Washer size is 50mm for a secure fit.


Size small for Senegal/conure and similar sized birds

Price £5.99   Item no...T27


Size Medium for African grey/Amazon and similar sized birds

Price £6.99 Item no ...T31



                  7" bagel with leather hanger

                                                  for small to medium parrots  

 birds just love these large bagels!! 



Large 7" bagel with leather hanger.

 Great fun for your bird!!

Price £3.99   

  Item no T21